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Georgetown Ascension Cruise Port Guide


Cruise ships are not able to dock here, you will be tendered ashore. The Ocean can be rough here and tendering will be cancelled. In this case islanders will come on board selling stamps and other stuff while your ship circles the island for a scenic cruise.

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Georgetown With just 35 square miles of land, little Ascension Island has played many different roles in recent history. This remote outpost of the St Helena Dependencies was discovered in 1501 by the Portuguese, and named on Ascension Day. It served as a base for ships patrolling the coast of West Africa to end the export of slaves, then, in the early 20th century, was put to good use as a telegraph station. Later came the distinction of being a World War II supply station for the Royal Navy engaged in Africa and Europe. While less action is seen on Ascension today, there are still 44 volcanic craters to consider and not one of them extinct.

In recent years the island served as a communications station for the British and a vacation spot for devoted deep sea fishermen.

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