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Falmouth United Kingdom Cruise Port Guide


Only the smallest of cruise ships up to 240m can be berthed at Falmouth. Most have to be tendered from a mooring in the bay. The tender takes half an hour each way across what can be rough tidal waters.

Small cruise ships dock at the County Wharf, located a 10 to 15-minute walk from the town center. Taxis are generally available at the pier.

Passengers can choose to take the free shuttle bus or walk in to town where there are a wide variety of shops including art galleries and antique shops.

You will be greeted upon disembarking, by the award-winning Falmouth Ambassadors. They will answer any questions or queries you may have and hand you a cruise visitor map & guide.

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Falmouth harbor is reputed to be the third largest natural harbor in the world. Originally known as Smithwick, Falmouth consisted of an alehouse and a Blacksmith's shop until Sir Walter Raleigh had the idea to convert this sleepy port into one of the principal seaports of the world. The town's fortification, Pendennis Castle, now stands as the first line of welcome, well worth a visit.

You can take a pleasure boat excursion up the Falestuary, as well as around the harbor, and experience the beauty of the town from the water. If you want to stretch your legs, there are guided maritime walks or a continuous hop-on, hop-off road train that makes the great circle around the town, beaches, and castle.

No English countryside is complete without an English garden, and one of the best in Cornwall is right here in Falmouth: the Glendurgan Garden, created in 1826, and maintained lovingly to this day.

The maritime museum is wonderful but takes a little walking to get there.

Tours Excursions Transportation:

Falmouth is extremely hilly in places, and some roads (Killigrew Street, Trelawney Road) will have you cursing town surveyors. Fortunately, most of the attractions are between The Moor and Falmouth Docks, which is relatively flat.

It pays to compare your cruise line tours here

Nearby Places:

Boat trips - Regular services take you across the river Fal to surrounding villages and also in the direction of the city of Truro and west towards Helford.

You can grab a water taxi from downtown and go over to St Mawes

Shopping and Food


The currency throughout the UK is the pound (£). You may also hear the slang term quid for pounds. Scottish bank notes are frowned upon in other parts of the UK, so change the notes before leaving Scotland.

Cash machines (ATM) or less formally 'holes in the wall' are very widely available and usually dispense £10 and £20 notes.

Visa, Mastercard and Maestro, are accepted by most shops and restaurants.

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English is spoken throughout the country, but sometimes with heavy accents!

Most cafe's and restaurants offer free WiFi.

The local emergency telephone number is 999, however the EU-wide 112 can also be used.

Opening Hours and Holidays:

Shopping hours are in general:

Small stores 6 or 7 days a week (10am - 6pm)
Larger stores in general stay open til' 9PM
Hypermarts often 24/7

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