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Durres Albania Cruise Port Guide


The port of Durres is located in the heart of the city, which is approximately 39 km from Tirana. The port of Durres is Albania's largest sea port. Durres is one of Albania's oldest cities and was founded as a Greek colony in 627 B.C. Since then, the city has grown and expanded while preserving monuments of the ancient city. Now Durres is the second largest and one of the most economically developed cities in Albany due to the large port that allows trading in the Adriatic Sea.

The cruise terminal of Durres has a range of facilities, including a tourist information kiosk.

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Durres has a Mediterranean climate that makes it a popular summer holiday destination for local and foreign tourists. Tourists can enjoy beautiful sandy beaches and clear Adriatic seawater at the beaches of Durres and Currilave.

Some important buildings and museum worth visiting in Durres include the Museum of History, the Archaeological Museum, the Philharmonic orchestra, the Puppet Theatre, the Estrada Theatre as well as the Main library and The Cultural center with the "Aleksander Moisiu" Theatre.

As one of Albania's oldest cities, Durres also has many important historical sites, such as the Venetian Tower and the Medieval Town Walls. If you prefer being outdoors, Durres has numerous parks and flower gardens; Durres has long, beautiful beaches and nearby can be found the well-known beach resort of Durres Plazh. Swimming, however, is not recommended, because of pollution.

The largest amphitheater in the Balkans is located in the city close to the harbor.

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Nearby Places:

There are eight trains a day to Tirana (55 lek, one hour). The station is beside the Tirana highway, conveniently close to central Durres.

Shopping and Food

Durrësi is a relaxed, amiable port with some gracious early-20th-century buildings, interesting ancient remains, an excellent museum and a clutch of very good bars and restaurants.


Lek 131 = 1 Euro

Plenty of ATM's around

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Near de Great Mosque there is Century 91 internet cafe.

Opening Hours and Holidays:

Generally Mon-Sun 0900-1500 and then again for a couple of hours in the early evening (variable according to the time of year). Not all shops open on Sundays.

The banking hours in Albania is from 0800-1600 hours on Monday through Friday.

Holidays in Albania

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