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Djupivogur Iceland Cruise Port Guide


Smaller ships can berth alongside at the 75 meter-long quay where the depth is 9 meters, or anchor in the fjord which has a 2-mile turning basin and depth of 60 meters. Passengers are transported to the village by tenders. The gangway here is steep and not friendly for people who have difficulty walking or are wheelchair-bound.

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With a history of trading that dates back to 1589, this quiet fishing village on the eastern coast of Iceland lies on Bulandsnes peninsula near Bulandstindura-a pyramid-shaped mountain thought to be a source of spiritual energy.

Visit Langabud, a log house built in 1790, which also houses the local folk museum or journey to Papey Island, home to thousands of seabirds, including the colorful puffin.

Djúpivogur is a typical small Icelandic fishing village on the east coast of Iceland with around 400 inhabitants. Fish production and tourism are the main trades of the people. Weather in the area is mild, thanks to the Gulf stream that keeps the temperature quite stable.

Djupivogur offers easy access to Vatnajokull, the biggest glacier in Europe, and East Iceland .

Tours Excursions Transportation:

One of the most popular tours in Djupivogur is the tour to Vatnajokull glacier lagoon where visitors experience the magical scenery of the lagoon and magnificent landscape of southeast Iceland .

It pays to compare your cruise line tours here.

Nearby Places:

This part of Iceland has one of the best facilities for bird-watching in the country as the area is rich in a variety of birds. The safari tour is another popular tour where unspoiled Icelandic nature is visited.

Shopping and Food

Passengers can stroll around Djupivogur, visit coffee shops and museums, take a look at local handcraft, breathe in the spirit of a typical Icelandic fishing village


The Icelandic monetary unit is the "króna." Coins are in denominations of 100 kr., 50 kr., 10kr., 5 kr. and 1 kr. Bank notes are in denominations of 5000 kr., 2000 kr.,1000 kr., and 500 kr. All Icelandic banks provide foreign exchange and are generally open on weekdays from 09:15 to 16:00.

The major cards in Iceland are EUROPAY/MASTERCARD and VISA. Cash can be obtained at every bank branch (over 170) as well as in all ATMs throughout the country.

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The Icelanders still speak the language of the Vikings, although modern Icelandic has undergone changes of pronunciation and, of course, of vocabulary!

On the map which you get at the pier internet access points are clearly marked.

Opening Hours and Holidays:

Office hours are generally 09:00-17:00 and 08:00-16:00 during June, July and August. Shopping hours are Mon-Fri 09:00-18:00, Sat from 10:00 to 13:00/14:00/15:00 or 16:00. Some supermarkets are open to 23:00 seven days a week. Banking hours are Mon-Fri 09:15-16:00.

Holidays in Iceland

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