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Cotonou Benin Cruise Port Guide


Cruise ships dock in an industrial area, use taxis or cruise provided transportation.

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In the Fon language, the word 'cotonou' means "the mouth of the river of death".

Cotonou is a dangerous city where muggings at knifepoint are not uncommon, but tourists will be fine if they use common sense. Stay away from the beach, a lawless zone that even the locals avoid.

Benin's attractions include stilted villages (popular with fishing enthusiasts) the magical mysteries of voodoo and delicious local cuisine. The lagoon at Porto Novo offers the best-stilted fishing area in the country. The wildlife at Parc National de Pendjari and the historical artifacts at Musée Historique d'Abomey are sights worth seeing in Benin.

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Share taxis and minibusses are the main forms of transport in Benin. You can go almost anywhere but there are no timetables or published routes. All hotels can advise. Taxis can be hired for CFA2500 per hour.

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Shopping and Food

The exotic market of Grand Marché de Danktokpa near the Nouveau Pont offers everything from delicious food to electronic items and unusual objects like waxed cloth, bat wings, and magical potions to enchant your beloved.


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