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Cockburn Town Bahamas Cruise Port Guide


As ships are moored or anchored in this port, you will be tendered ashore.




San Salvador's capital, Cockburn (pronounced "Coburn") The town is a harbor village that takes its name from George Cockburn, said to have been the first royal governor of The Bahamas to visit this remote island, stopping by in 1823.

Look for the town's landmark: a giant almond tree. Major events in San Salvador, like the Columbus Day parade held every October 12, generally take place here.

The town itself is three blocks square and contains an odd mixture of old stone houses, tumbledown clapboard homes, and modern structures.

Tours Excursions Transportation:

Taxis are abundant, it's always a good idea to establish the fare in advance.

The Riding Rock Inn rents bicycles for $10 a day, and the entire island can be circled on bike in five or six hours.

Nearby Places:

The island is home to many shallow-water reefs which allow snorkelers to observe hundreds of fish species without the use of scuba equipment. It is also known for its quick drop in the continental shelf, allowing for numerous dive sites.

Today, thanks to its many sandy beaches, the island's prosperous main industry is tourism.

Shopping and Food

The Bahamas are also known for their Androsian batik fabrics made by a small operation in Andros Town on a remote Out Island. Although the factory is fascinating to visit, batik items are available at many outlets in Nassau, Freeport and major Out Islands like Abaco and Eleuthera.


The local currency is the Bahamian dollar (B$) The Bahamian dollar is on a par with the US dollar, and both currencies are accepted throughout the country.

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English spoken

Opening Hours and Holidays:

While Bahamian stores are permitted to open on Sunday, almost none does, making Sunday a very quiet day, at least for commerce. Otherwise, shopping is best in the morning when the crowds are few and the temperature mild.

Holidays in the Bahamas

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