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Charlestown Saint Kitts and Nevis Cruise Port Guide


You'll be anchored in Charlestown Harbor and tendered to the center Charlestown.

Charlestown is compact and easily walkable. For any locale beyond the town center, your best bet is to take a taxi. $40 per hour.

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Charlestown, the capital of Nevis, is a small, picturesque town, with a Main Street lined with Georgian stone buildings which are examples of the architectural style of the colonial era, sporting breezy balconies and wooden upper floors over a ground floor built of stone. About 1,200 of Nevis’s 10,000 inhabitants live in Charlestown.

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Taxis are efficient, clean, and the drivers tend to be knowledgeable and friendly. Drivers will bring you to your destinations, wait for you or come back and get you at your convenience. Although a great bargain in terms of what you get (really more like a personal limo -- and the charge remains the same no matter how many people are going)-- taxis are relatively expensive in absolute amounts (US$10-20 is typical) to go anywhere.

The "H" Bus. These are privately owned, but government registered, vans that haul people from point to point for around 3-5 EC -$1-$2 US (depending on how far you are going) per person. H Buses range from luxurious vans with air conditioning and televisions to crowded dingy things with broken seats. The buses generally make circuits on part of the ring road (the road running around the island) with each group going back and forth on roughly a third of 17-mile loop. Stand on the side of the road, look for a van whose license plate starts with H, wave at them as they approach.

Due to strange driving license rules, car rental is not a good option.

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Shopping and Food


Nevis operates on the Eastern Caribbean Dollar; $1 ECD is worth about 36 cents U.S., but you'll want to check xe.com for the latest exchange rates. Many shops and restaurants take American cash (or euros) but you may receive change in EC.

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Downtown Cyber Cafe is a great all-in-one spot for Web surfing and noshing.

English is the language of Nevis.

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