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Bodrum Turkey Cruise Port Guide


The approach to the lovely harbor is stunning, with the crusader castle of St. Peter dominating a small promontory and polished gulets (sailing boats) gliding in and out of the port.

The new Cruise Ship Terminal of Bodrum is situated close to the center of Bodrum. Walking distance is about 1500m. A 20 min. pleasant walk right along the waterfront, with plenty cafes, some right on the beach. Part of this street is known as "Bar Street". Continue along and you will arrive at the castle, the center of bustling Bodrum.

The port also at times organizes a shuttle boat service that takes passengers from the pier to a spot next to the castle. About 1 Euro each way.

The terminal building is housing all the customs offices, duty-free area, restaurant and cafeteria. This is also where the fast ferries leave for nearby Kos (leaving around 9am - returning late afternoon.

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One place of Bodrum that no visitor to this great city should miss is the famous Bodrum Castle, which overlooks the harbor and the international marina. This castle was constructed by the Knights of Rhodes in the 15th century during the crusades of the middle ages, and it was given the name The Castle of St. Petrus, or Petronium.

The Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology in The Bodrum Castle of The Knights of St.John is not just a dusty collection of lifeless relics, it is an original, creative and exciting experience.

Tours Excursions Transportation:

Bodrum is very walkable

In town, a taxi is cheap, and the fares are regulated. They are easy to find. For long journeys, however, drivers can charge more than the meter reads. So negotiate the fare in advance. The most unusual transportation in Turkey is called Dolmus for routes that buses don't take. The word actually means "To Fill"; thus, the dolmus leaves when it is full! They are usually a minibus, a jeep, or a van so they fill quickly. A bonus is that they will drop you off along the route. Look for dolmus with the sign "Ismeler" when returning to the ship, a 10-minute ride from the central bus station. Lira, Euros, and USD all accepted (That's real hospitality!) about 1,50 E each way.

If you have never been on a dolmus, try it here, it is quite unique, just follow the Turks and you will learn quickly. Just tell the driver you want to get off at the cruise terminal or at the Migros, a large supermarket just to the right from the terminal.

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Nearby Places:

Most people stay in Bodrum, but the surrounding villages are ideal for a day trip, particularly Gumusluk, which has good fish restaurants. The dolmus taxis are cheap and efficient.

Shopping and Food

The curved harbor is lined with open air restaurants facing the beautiful old gulets.

Behind the restaurants, extending towards the castle, are the narrow streets packed with shops, nightclubs and rooftop bars. Natural sponges can be bought here.

Bodrum market – besides the local souvenir shops you can find everywhere don’t forget to explore Bodrum’s weekly farmer’s markets on Friday. On Tuesdays local vendors set up their booths with tapestries, handicrafts, pottery, lots of textiles and even those well known fake Rolex watches. A perfect place to bargain and also the best place to talk to Bodrum locals This covered market is on the first floor, next to the central bus station.

Turkish food is amongst the best in the world. With enough climatic zones to grow most ingredients locally, there is a vast array of produce to excite and entice the palate. Besides its famous kebab dishes, there are many other traditional Turkish foods to choose from. Meze (appetizers) for which Turkey is justly famous, are a range of hundreds of small dishes from simple combinations such as cheese with melon to elaborately stuffed vegetables. These are served in all Turkish restaurants and are traditionally accompanied with Raki, a clear anise- flavored spirit claimed to be Turkey's national alcoholic drink


Turkey's currency is the Turkish Lira. Many shops and restaurants in the coastal resorts and big cities accept payment in Euros and USD even coins. But if you are planning to travel to other parts of the country, it is advisable to take some Turkish Lira. With a credit or debit card, you can withdraw local currency from cash machines which are found in convenient locations in cities, towns and resorts.

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In the terminal is free and decent WiFi near the Duty Free.

A handful of Cafes which offer free WiFi for customers are located in the center of town.

Emergency Ambulance: 112 (all over Turkey) Police: 155 (all over Turkey)

Opening Hours and Holidays:

In tourist and coastal areas, opening hours are quite flexible and during the summer, many shops stay open until late in the evening, seven days a week, leaving tourists to browse at their leisure and escape the heat of the day.

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