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Bequia Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Cruise Port Guide


Ships anchor in Admiralty Bay and passengers tender to center of Port Elizabeth, which is the main town and harbor of Bequia.

Port Elizabeth is a tiny waterfront town that is only a few blocks along the waterside. A tourist information booth is on the jetty, shops and restaurants face the bay, and taxis are always present.

Water taxis are available for transportation between the jetty and nearby beaches for about $6.

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Bequia means "island of the clouds" in the ancient Arawak.

Bequia is a small island, measuring 7 square miles (18 km2) with a population of approximately 4,300.

The quaint waterfront of Port Elizabeth is lined with bars, restaurants and craft shops. Bequia is encircled by gold-sand beaches, many of which disappear into coves, excellent for sailing, scuba diving and snorkeling. Lodgings vary from luxurious resort cottages to small, simple West Indian inns. Much of the nightlife centers on the hotels and beach side barbecues, invariably accompanied by a steel band.

Tours Excursions Transportation:

When you get off the tender, there will be some small boats that will take you for a tour around the Island for about an hour. The price is about $16 for 2 people.

A taxi will cost about $30 per hour.

The other thing you can do is catch the large ferry to St. Vincents. It leaves the dock at 9:30am and returns at 1:00pm. The trips take 1 hour.

You can also hire a motorboat at the tourist office. It is a minute or two walk to the left of the tender pier. The motorboat tariff is $150. for 6 persons. The trip takes 20 min.

Nearby Places:

Admiralty Bay, the island's natural harbor, is a favorite anchoring spot for yachtsmen from all over the world, and here visitors can watch men building their boats by hand on the shores. The attractive region around Lower Bay has good opportunities for swimming and other water sports.

Shopping and Food

There is also an open-air market in town.


The currency of St. Vincent and the Grenadines is the Eastern Caribbean dollar. EC$2.67 to US$1. U.S. dollars are generally accepted, make sure that change is given in US$.

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English spoken.

Opening Hours and Holidays:

While hours of business vary from store to store, they generally open from 8 am until noon and 1 pm to 4 pm on weekdays and half day on Saturdays.

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