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Bahrain Cruise Port Guide


Cruise ships dock at the Khalifa Bin Salman Port with a modern cruise terminal and duty free store and other services. Use taxis or other provided transportation. Shuttles to downtown Manama in general around $10, a 45 minute trip.

Sometimes Mina Salman Port, which is closer to the city is being used.

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This small island state is home to 688,000 inhabitants an international Formula 1 race track and is connected to Saudi Arabia by the 18 mile long King Fahad Causeway.

Bahrain is an archipelago of 33 islands in the Arabian Gulf offering a blend of ancient and modern. Skyscrapers share the landscape with majestic mosques, embodiments of Islamic art, culture and architecture.

Manama, Bahrain's capital, is modern, dominated by a Manhattan-style skyline. The souk lies in the center of the old town, near the archway of Bab al-Bahrain and, although much of the surrounding area is modern, the street layout follows traditional lines.

To sample some of Bahrain's past, a visit to the A'ali Burial Mounds (the world's largest cemetery) is recommended. Other sites of antiquity include The House of Al Jasra (birthplace of the Amir, the ruler of Bahrain) and the Al Fateh Grand Mosque (Bahrain's largest mosque).

Other attractions include long stretches of sandy beaches and coral reefs. The largest and most pleasant beach can be found at Al Jazair.

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Bahrain's taxis are metered (but often missing or broken) , but for longer trips expect to negotiate an hourly rate. Beware it can get very hot in Bahrain. Taxis can be very expensive.

It pays to compare your cruise line tours here.

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Shopping and Food

The Port of Mina Sulman is located in the Bahrain’s capital city of Manamah, which is a haven for Arabs, expatriates, and tourists who want to enjoy its lively nightlife (which includes alcohol).

The east coast of the city contains the Corniche al-Fateh, a seaside promenade with fair rides, shisha bars, and wonderful views of the city’s skyline.

Arabic food is spicy and strongly flavored.

Lamb is the principal meat while chicken, turkey and duck are also eaten. Arak (grape spirit flavored with aniseed) and beer are the most common drinks.


One dinar is worth nearly three US dollars (US$2.66, to be precise, the rate is fixed.

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