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Alert Bay BC Canada Cruise Port Guide


You will anchor here and tendered by Zodiacs into town.



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Alert Bay is the home of many First Nation Namgis peoples, the local cemetery is sacred with old tombstones and totem poles. Captain George Vancouver visited in the late 1700. The First Nation Namgis people used Cormorant Island as a sacred ground to bury their dead. Their cemetery full of totems and headstones, right on the waterfront.

    There are plenty of orcas, or "killer whales," but In recent years humpback, Minke and Grey whales have also returned.  The Humpback are a whale-watcher's dream. The adults grow 40-50 feet long (12-16m), and their tails may be 20 ft (6 m) wide.  The Humpback are the most acrobatic of the big whales, rolling and smacking the water repeatedly with their 16-foot (5m) flippers.  Now and then a big male, probably trying to impress a nearby female, will hurl his 40-tonne bulk clear out of the water and come crashing down on his back.

    For birders, the bald eagles are very tolerant of people and are here year round. But in late summer things get more interesting because waterfowl and sea birds that nest up in the Arctic return for winter. A stroll along the boardwalk can bring you close to Harlequin ducks and several species of loons including the unusual yellow-billed loon. Other prospects include marbled Murrelets, three species of mergansers, two species of grebes, gangs of gulls, three species of scoters, and now and then a passing Peregrine Falcon

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The village is small enough to be walkable. 

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Canadian dollar, but USD widely accepted even by local transit.

You will find ATMs in many grocery stores, malls, airports and so on, and most are linked to the international networks, the most common being Cirrus, Plus, Star and Maestro. You can also grab cash from an ATM if you use a major credit card although this method tends to be more expensive because, in addition to a service fee, you'll be charged interest immediately.

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In Canada the main languages are English 59.3%, French 23.2% (both official); other 17.5%. Quebec and New Brunswick being the most "French" The rest of the country is English speaking.

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