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Ain Soukhna Egypt Cruise Port Guide


Situated on west shore of the Gulf of Suez. Most passengers use this port to partake in an organized tour to Cairo.

Mostly "Clipper" style cruise ships frequent this port.

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Also seen as Ain Sukhna, Ein Soukhna, Ein Sukhna, Ain Sokhna, and el-Soukhna - Ain Soukhna Egypt, on the Red Sea Coast, is often referred to as a town, but really it is not. Ain Soukhna is Egyptian for "hot spring", denoting the nearby sulfur springs found at a nearby mountain, Gebel Ataqa.

It is a popular weekend town with great beaches, coral reefs, dolphins, fishing and water sports.

This region stretches from just south of Suez on down the coast for about sixty kilometers. Scattered along the coast-hugging road are a port, a series of resort complexes, a few independent restaurants, gas stations, and other tourist businesses. It is not surprising that this area is so well developed, since it represents the closest beaches to Cairo, one of the world's largest cities.

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Ain Soukhna is 55 km south of Cairo.

Important: There are many companies offering excursions into Egypt, and in general are reliable. But your ship only will wait for late customers if they booked the ship's excursions. So be sure to have a cell phone with you (and the ship's telephone number!) just in case!

St. Anthony's in the Eastern Desert is significant as the world's oldest functioning monastery founded in honor of the Saint given credit for founding monasticism. Much of this monastery has recently been restored and nearby is also the ancient monastery of St. Paul.

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Nearby Places:

Dive into the chaos of Cairo. From the ancient pyramids to the treasures of Cairo museum, you'll wander round, utterly awe-struck.

A Nile-cruise.

Off course you will have to visit the Pyramids just outside Cairo

Shopping and Food


In all souvenirs shops US dollars and the Euro are happily accepted.

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Language: Arab

Sure there are internet facilities...but many with Arab keyboards!

Sahara in Arabic means desert. So do not talk about the Sahara desert!

Opening Hours and Holidays:

The National Holidays in Egypt.

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